Adoption in a family tree

Adoption – who are the parents?

Adoption in a family tree involves at least 3 people.

  1. adopted person (also known as the adoptee)
  2. natural parents (also known as the birth parents or biological parents)
  3. adopting parents (also known as the adoptive parents)

The choice is yours – natural parents or the adopting parents. Both are valid choices. The natural, biological line follows the DNA but social connections follow the adoption. XYFT lets you show all the adoption factors. This makes better genealogy.

With XYFT it’s easy to swap parents. Every person has an ID so it’s easy to change the ID of the parents from 123 and 124 to 567 and 568 and thus make charts wth either parents. Remember to swap back after if you wish.

Adoption in a family tree showing adopting parents as the parents

You could show Adopting Father and Adopting Mother as the parents of Adopted Child. Adopting parents do not need to be married. Adopting parents could be the same sex. If adopting parents are chosen as THE parents, the natural parents should be associated. That way, future researchers following your family tree can see the facts and maybe trace other lines.

adoption showing adopting parents
Adopted child showing adopting parents

Adoption in a family tree showing natural parents as the parents

XYFT can also do it the other way round. Natural Father and Natural Mother are the parents of Adopted Child. Adopting Father and Adopting Mother should be associated.

adoption showing natural parents
Adopted child showing natural parents

The same principles apply with egg donors

Individuals can only have two parents. However, the number of associations is unlimited. This way it’s possible to have lots of parents over a period of time and offer some really useful insights to following genealogists.