Adoption – who are the parents?

Adoption usually involves at least 3 people – the person being adopted, that person’s natural mother, that person’s natural father and the person (or people) doing the adopting. This poses the question, what to show in the lineage of the person being adopted – who are the parents? The choice is yours, whether to show the natural parents or the adopting parents. Either is a valid choice. DNA follows the natural, biological line and adoption shows more about social connections. Using XY Family Tree you can show all the adoption factors. “Person ADOPTED” can show as the child of Adopting Father and Adopting Mother (they might be married but this is not a requirement) and be associated with Natural Father and Natural Mother.

adopted child showing adopting parents


Or you can do it the other way round with “Person ADOPTED” being the child of Natural Father and Natural Mother and being associated with  Adopting Father and Adopting Mother.

adopted child with natural parents

The same principles apply with egg donors.

Although individuals can only have two parents there is no limit to the number of associations that can be shown.

As with same sex marriages it’s possible for adopting parents to be same sex.

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