A Genetic Pool of parents

One person can have many parents from a genetic pool

Giuliano Pool is an unusual person because his father is a genetic pool. How that happened is a matter for science or speculation but XYFT manages this unusual occurrence by having a group of fathers all associated with the single entity of a pool – the pool is the father. None of the three fathers is the father – their genes are mixed – he has three genetic fathers.

A genetic pool of fathers
A genetic pool of fathers

Here is Giuliano showing he is the child of a gene pool:

Giuliano has many fathers

This could apply equally to mothers.

I don’t pretend to know how genetic manipulation works but the possibilities exist, at least in imagination, that bits can be mixed. Not so much a problem but an illustration that XYFT can handle bizarre parentage. Knowing the three contributors to the pool offers the possibility to explore all three to their own parents. Giuliano might have 6 grandparents on his “father’s” side.