XYFT tips number 1: Comparing two versions of the same person

One of the useful XYFT tips is that you can open the same file twice (and more) or open other files at the same time and compare two people or compare two families. This can be handy if you’re comparing two people who might be the same person or you’re comparing two families that might be the same but you’re not sure.

XYFT tips - Open 2 or more simultaneous instances of XYFT
Two versions of same person

XYFT tips number 2: Navigating a family tree by seeing more people

Another useful XYFT tip is navigating by seeing more people.

XYFT tips - Navigate the family
Click any name to bring to focus

Click any name you can see and that person will be made the focus. Click “Reset” to get back where you started. Click “See or Edit Details” to do just that.


XYFT tips number 3: Navigating a family tree by kinship

Or you can navigate by kinship

XYFT tips - Navigate by Kinship
Choose a 2nd cousin

You can see second cousins twice removed in this snip. You can navigate by any of the these: siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, children, great, great great etc.